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The Battle of Boston ('BoB') is an elite hockey tournament series.  There are five (5) events in the series for ages ranging from 1998 to 2006 birth years, including women’s u8-u19. The goal for our tournaments is to provide elite players with a first-class experience with respect to competition level & exposure. 

The Battle of Boston is limited to the top 40 teams for each tournament in an effort to keep competition at its absolute highest and not water down the level of competition.

Unlike other tournaments that allow organization to enter 3-6 teams at each age level, the Battle of Boston limits organizations to two (2) entries per age level. While many organizations are playing in multiple tournaments held on the same weekends, their top talent in each division will only be showcased in the Battle of Boston. The BoB has screened each team and is only allowing the top teams into the series, while the lower level teams will play in other tournaments.